AltorLines provides reliable tubing protection for all types of corrosive environments. With the high-grade alloy liner corrosion barrier, the tubing obtains superior anti-corrosive properties without compromising the yield strength.

AltorLines combines the mechanical strength of сarbon steel tubing with the exceptional anti-corrosive properties of the liner.

Such a balance can significantly increase tubing life compared to current corrosion protection solutions.

Why AltorLines?

Operating envelope & applications AltorLines 5000 AltorLines 7000
Tubing diameter, in 2 ⅜ - 4 ½ 2 ⅜ - 4 ½
Protection of the J area Available Available
Operating temperature Not Limited Not Limited
Carbon Dioxide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Acid treatment
Well Stock Corrosion + ARPD Corrosion + ARPD
Liner Material Austenetic stainless steel Austenetic stainless steel
Pitting corrosion
Microbiological corrosion
Applicability for producing wells
Applicability for injection wells
Liner thickness, in 0.024”-0.059” 0.024”-0.059”


ALTORLINES — a new era in tubing protection